No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be
Who’s thinking about Christmas already?

Who’s thinking about Christmas already?

Been lovely to receive a steady stream of enquiries already this year from individuals who want to make this Christmas different for their communities.

When people call it is always interesting to hear what has motivated the individuals to do something positive rather than just wishing things were different. Sometimes it starts from reading a sad or positive story in the paper, often it is of personal motivation such as a grandparent they aren’t going to be able to see and realising local people have grandchildren who can’t see them. We have always been of the view that although the fact that those that care for older people during the year contributes to the challenge of Christmas day it is absolutely right that these folk should be able to enjoy the time with their friends and family. However, it is always lovely to get a call from one of these carers who so loves their role that they want to ensure that there isn’t a gap left when they take a break – they will often want guidance on how to motivate a team who can run an event in their absence and of course we are delighted to provide guidance.

As people discuss what might work for them this starts the process of creating bonds within the community and of course this sense of cohesion will grow up to, during, and after the event and well into the new year.

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