No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be
Who are these ‘older people’?

Who are these ‘older people’?

Often at Community Christmas we get asked what we mean by ‘older people’ and Older People’s Day seems an appropriate time to reflect on these questions.

At Community Christmas we actually don’t define what we mean by older people because we all get older every day but some of us feel that passing of time more than others and indeed it just seems to pass more quickly sometimes. Even if we were to define ‘older’ as ‘retired’ this would be unhelpful as some retire in excellent health and others less so. We are here to help whoever feels they need the help and guidance when they feel older.

As we celebrate Older People’s day it seems like the perfect time to suggest that the many, very active, older people who want to help the less active could be thinking of repeating today’s activities on Christmas Day. Whether it’s a tea dance, lunch or a cup of tea with a piece of cake, there will be many who would like to share in the experience. Gathering for whatever purpose provides a great chance to make new friends.

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