No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be
What to do

What to do

With 6 months to go here at Community Christmas it feels as though Christmas is just around the corner – as we go into summer and people start disappearing for their breaks we are all too conscious that when they come back it will be autumn and the countdown will have well and truly begun.

Our key focus at this time of the year is to make sure that we identify as many existing activities, lunches and events that happen each Christmas that can be included for free on our website. In addition, we are here to support new opportunities get going.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a pub wanting to know how best to welcome older people booking alone, an active community member wanting to show a film in your local village hall, a sheltered housing block prepared to open your communal area for tea and cake on Christmas afternoon on something else entirely – we are here for you all.

Many older people will appreciate a free community lunch with transport provided, many others can drive themselves to a restaurant and pay for a meal but don’t want to sit alone, and yet others are unable to get out but would like to be able to have a friendly conversation. The most important thing is to provide companionship and a chance to connect with the community.
Plan now to make this Christmas different and change lives.

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