No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be
What happened at Christmas?

What happened at Christmas?

January is one of the best months for community Christmas as we gather information about how many people we helped, how people spent their Christmas and the difference it has made longer term.

By Christmas day we had listed 238 places around the UK where older people were welcome to enjoy companionship and from other information we have we estimate this provide places for about 5000 over 75s as well as younger people who will have enjoyed being part of the fun. During December we had around 10,000 hits to our website which we know led to enquiries from all ages direct to events as well as us receiving xxx direct enquiries.

Since Christmas we have spoken to a number of individuals but my favourite conversation was a lady who rang to thank us for the effort we had made to find somewhere for her to go on Christmas day. Not only would she look forward to next Christmas but she was going to be attending a regular Friday get together through the year.

So now the planning for Christmas 2015 well and truly gets under way……

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