No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be

Why do it?

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  1. hello I would like to volunteer on christmas day I live in the southampton area and
    portswood area can you let me know of future events please thank you

    • Thank you very much for your enquiry about volunteering on Christmas day.
      • Please do a postcode search on our website where you will also find information to allow you to contact the organiser direct. If there is nothing currently listed please do keep checking as we are constantly adding new information about events and activities as we become aware of them.
      • If you have older neighbours then why not knock on their door and make sure they are ok over the Christmas period. If you need help doing this we would also encourage you to continue making enquiries within your community – asking at churches, the volunteer centre, care homes, the village hall or even local pubs.
      • If during your enquiries you identify places that offer companionship to older people on Christmas Day then please direct them to register on our website (for free) so that share information with other volunteers or potential guests. We are happy to include anything that provides companionship for older people on Christmas Day lunch or darts, free or charged for, with or without transport provided.
      • You may wish to see if your local care home welcomes visitors to sit with residents who do not have local family or friends visiting them either on Christmas Day or at other times of the year.
      • We work in partnership with Contact the Elderly who run Sunday afternoon teas in groups all around the country. You can find out more about volunteering with them via https://www.contact-the-elderly.org.uk/

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