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Tune in to Don’s story on BBC Radio 4

We’re delighted to hear our partner, national charity Friends of the Elderly, has been chosen to feature on the BBC Radio 4 Appeal. Tune in on Sunday 29 January to hear from Don, who found himself lonely and isolated when he retired. Don made new friends thanks to the charity’s Football Friends programme.

Don said: “It’s frightening how easy it is to become isolated and I never thought it would happen to me. I don’t like to think where I would be today if Friends of the Elderly hadn’t come along – it’s not only my life they’ve changed but the lives of the many new friends I’ve made through the programmes. I now have some wonderful new friends. Bill, who’s in his eighties, describes this as the most meaningful thing he’s done since losing his wife – it’s really transformed life for so many of us.”

Sadly, Don and Bill are not alone – over five million older people across the UK are affected by loneliness and this number is on the rise*. Listen live to the appeal to find out how you can help change this.

To find out more about the appeal or to make a donation, visit: or call 020 7730 8263.

* The Future of Loneliness: Facing the challenge of loneliness for older people in the UK, 2014

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