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Once the day has been organised for the first time there should be processes in place so future events are less effort.

Top 10 Myth busters – part 2

top10As we go into December we can’t ignore the approach of Christmas any more. Time to share the second half of our top 10 Myth busters which we hope will encourage more people to get together in their communities.

6. We haven’t got time to arrange a Christmas lunch

We encourage a focus on companionship not just food. A cold buffet, informal ‘picnic’, Quiz morning or tea and Christmas cake can all be done at short notice and be flexible meet the needs of one older person or a whole community.

7. Why Christmas Day what about the rest of the year?

Going somewhere new or doing something different on Christmas Day can lead to new contacts in the community and sharing of information that can make a longer term difference.

8. What’s the point of a website when trying to help older people?

Many older people have embraced the challenge of using a computer but often a concerned a neighbour, carer or distant relative may do a search for them. Even libraries have been known to help and our call centre is there to take phone enquiries.

9. We might get too many enquiries if we list on the website

Our standard form enables you to indicate if booking is needed by a particular closing date, whether volunteers are need and even whether it is for our information only or for listing on the website. We can amend or remove a listing at anytime ie if you become full.

10. I don’t want to take the place of someone more deserving or ‘put people out’

Many younger people want the presence of an older person on Christmas Day, want to make Christmas different for themselves and don’t want to cook ‘just another Sunday lunch’.

Gathering people together in one place helps EVERYONE on Christmas Day and beyond.

No elderly person in the UK should be on their own on Christmas Day unless they want to be

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