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For years I said I would like to invite those that were going to spend it on their own, so a friend encouraged me to do it rather than just talk about it.

Top 10 Myth busters – part 1

top5Here at Community Christmas we have conversations with many individuals and organisations about events and activities they run, or are thinking of running and it is surprising how many times we come across the same misconceptions. So, to share our learnings here are the first 5 of our top 10 ‘myths’ in no particular order.

1. We’ll never get any volunteer helpers

Many people of all ages want Christmas Day to be different – those that are younger often volunteer. We have never yet heard of an event cancelling due to a shortage of volunteers.

2. Everyone already knows about it

Many might but one of the reasons people become isolated is because they don’t know what is in their local community – we have placed people with lunches less than a mile down the road that they didn’t know about.

3. We cant offer a free event

Whilst some won’t be able to afford to pay having money doesn’t prevent loneliness – booking a table for 1 at an expensive restaurant is lonely though.

4. There’s already someone else doing something locally

One event in Oxford will not be enough, and if it is a traditional lunch in a hall those that would prefer a lighter meal with less people might prefer to visit a care home. Offering choices is key.

5. People won’t be able to get to us

An older person may be able to drive, particularly during daylight hours, but they need to know where to go to be assured of a warm welcome.

If you are an individual or organisation wanting to do something for your community this Christmas contact us and we will help you discover how to make a wish into a reality.

No elderly person in the UK should be on their own on Christmas Day unless they want to be

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