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The Big Lunch and then what?

The Big Lunch and then what?

The Big Lunch is a great way to bring communities together on the first Sunday in June (or whenever suits a particular group) and like Christmas it is focussed on activity once a year. However, the two events go together like Hansel and Gretel, like Laurel and Hardy since they are conveniently 6 months apart. Having had a conversation about setting up one event, setting up the second seems like a natural evolution. The weather in June can be unpredictable so the great thing about Christmas is that you know you are going to need to be indoors but otherwise it can be very similar with everyone bringing their own food (it doesn’t have to be a full Christmas Lunch) and getting to know their neighbours.

If you started a Christmas event then a Big Lunch is a natural evolution for your community but we also know of communities that didn’t want to wait that long and, having brought groups together at Christmas have since held tea dances, Sunday lunches and more.

We often get asked why people should be thinking about Christmas when the sun is shining. If you have run a Christmas activity before and can be fairly sure that, come the autumn, everything can just kick into action as it did before then there is no need. However, for first timers it can be useful to get some of the thinking done and have the key elements in place early on so that the autumn can be a time of learning and fun and not just blind panic! Elements include deciding what kind of event or activity you are going to run and then lining up the venue, a chef if required and thinking about how you are going to reach out to potential attendees.

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