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For years I said I would like to invite those that were going to spend it on their own, so a friend encouraged me to do it rather than just talk about it.

The 12 Days of Community Christmas

Merry Christmas, we hope you enjoy our 12 Days of Christmas video! If you’re wondering what each day means for you and us, you can find out below!


  1. On the first day of Christmas we’ve got a ‘neighbour knocking on my door’.


We truly believe that the first step towards a better community is with this simple act. You don’t have to offer the world, just a simple knock on the door to check how your neighbour is doing is a fantastic starting point.


  1. On the second day of Christmas we bring to you ‘two shared stories’


Once you’ve said hello to your neighbours and other people in your community, it’s easy to find out exactly how many things you’ve got in common, and how interesting the lives of others have been. Get sharing your stories now!


  1. On the third day of Christmas we bring to you ‘three fresh ideas’


Okay, we’ve got more than three fresh ideas, but you see what we’re getting at. The key is, once you’ve opened the lines of communication and got to know your neighbours, you can spread the impact further. What you’ve learnt this Christmas about making a difference to people in your community shouldn’t stop here. How are you going to make it bigger for 2017?


  1. On the fourth day of Christmas we bring to you ‘four friendly phone calls’


It’s time to pick up the phone and follow up on Christmas. Now that the day is over, follow up on the new friendships people have made in their community and check on the situations where people may need more support. Christmas Day was a great way to understand the needs of your local community, so don’t let that knowledge go to waste.


  1. On the fifth day of Christmas we bring you ‘five gold rings’. It’s not exactly specific to just us, but it wouldn’t be the 12 days of Christmas without it!


  1. On the sixth day of Christmas we bring to you ‘six guests a gathering’


Christmas Day is behind us, but the festivities aren’t and there’s no reason to take your foot off the pedal for 2017. We find that volunteers get the most out of their Community Christmas if they do practice events throughout the year, so why not organise a small do in your local village hall and use up all of your leftovers. Better than letting them go to waste!


  1. Today, we’ve got ‘seven servings sorted’


We’re not expecting you to reach everybody all of the time, but if you’ve built some good relationships over the Christmas period, why not keep in touch with as many of those people as you possibly can. Whether it’s seven or seventy, it’s another person who is less isolated, and that’s a real achievement.


  1. Our challenge to you, on the eighth day of Christmas is to get ‘eight places printed’


What we really mean is that we want you to get eight stories printed in any place you can about your 2017 event. The only way to organise a successful event is to let older vulnerable people one exists, and the best way to do that is by getting stories in your local media. We’ve got help on our website, that will guide you through the process of spreading the word, and it’s never too early to start.


  1. On the ninth day of Christmas we bring to you ‘nine gifts donated’


Whether your donating gifts to your local elderly person’s home or hospital. A little gift can make all the difference on Christmas Day, not matter who it’s from.


If you have any generosity to spare, why not donate to help support Community Christmas in 2017? You can give £5 by texting SNTA05 £5 to 70070 or on our website.


  1. On the tenth day of Christmas we bring you ‘ten mayors a mixing’


Like press coverage of your event, inviting along key influencers such as local politicians can also raise its profile. The more profile a Christmas Day event has, the more people it will reach and the more people can benefit from what you’re doing.


It’s also nice for local Mayors and other influential people to get a sense of scale about how much needs to be done to support our isolated older population.


  1. On the eleventh day of Christmas we bring you ‘eleven phones a ringing’


Although press coverage and influential people can have a big impact on the impact of a Christmas Day event and its subsequent impact, there is no substitute for good old fashioned communications. This also applies to people you’ve met at events this year.


As they always say, ‘it’s good to talk’.


  1. On the twelfth day of Christmas we bring you ‘twelve neighbours chatting’


There is no need for explanation today, the whole aim of Community Christmas is to build communities that begin at Christmas Day events. It can’t work without neighbours chatting, so open that door and start some conversations now!

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  1. Freda says:

    So true and so good to share the company.

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