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I love to see people making new friends, talking laughing together and having a lovely time.

Our vision – for older people for the time being

As we have started to think about how this Christmas can be even better for our communities and the older members within them it has become apparent that there are some things that we can overlook (or have we been taking them for granted?) but which with some focus will mean that the impact we have could be so much greater.

Our vision has always been that no older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be and providing companionship has often meant inviting people to lunch. But the reality is that all companionship is to be welcomed whether or not it involves a full Christmas dinner. Everyone is different and everyone’s needs and wishes are different so for Christmas 2015 we want to hear about ANYTHING that people are doing to meet a range of budgets, providing a range of activities, in a wide variety of locations.

Its also worth pointing out that while our focus is on making older people feel welcome this may of course be at an event that is open to all ages within our community. People of all ages are alone at Christmas, and indeed many are not alone but would like to be part of a bigger gathering than their family can provide. Our focus is guided by the fact that trying to ensure that 500,000 older people are not alone seems like a big enough challenge – maybe, one day, we will be more specific about other age groups too but not yet!

No elderly person in the UK should be on their own on Christmas Day unless they want to be

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