No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be
Making Christmas Day better for older people

Making Christmas Day better for older people


Our recent Press Release encourages everyone to think about what they could do, or already know about, in their communities. Its not just about a full Traditional Christmas lunch – anything goes.

When talking to an older lady this week she shared some of the challenges she faced when going somewhere new. Whatever it is that you are doing, or want to do, we are happy to share our Guidance Notes and help you deal with these, and many other, challenges.

  • ‘I don’t want to impose on anyone’
  • ‘we sat on the same chairs all day and they really were very uncomfortable’
  • ‘I used to go to friends on Christmas Day but I am losing them all’
  • ‘we didn’t get lunch until after 2pm and we were just expected to talk to each other until then’
  • ‘I didn’t get a lift home until after 6pm – it was a long day – if I had known I would have driven myself’

What would she like to do most? Join a family, or small group that will talk to her, at a pub for something more relaxed – two months to find that ideal for her.

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