No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be

Making a big impact with small actions

We at Community Christmas know that a small but bold act can change the world, and nobody better embodied that philosophy than Dr Kate Granger, who sadly passed away on 23rd of July this year.

Image of Dr Kate Granger
Dr Kate Granger developed the #HelloMyNameIs campaign.

Dr Granger’s #HelloMyNameIs campaign helped reinfuse humanity into the medical profession through the simple request that all healthcare staff introduce themselves to their patients, and tell them what they were going to do to help. This helped staff to create real relationships with the people that they were caring for and often extended beyond the boundaries of hospitals to make people reassess how they interact with others.

The idea clearly resonated with the medical profession as well, as from one tweet it grew to become supported by countless hospital trusts and over 400,000 NHS staff, and will doubtless leave a legacy for years to come.

Image of Dr Kate Granger speaking at conference.
Dr Kate Granger spreading the word about the importance of medical staff introducing themselves to patients.

Kate was a relentless advocate for what she believed in, telling people that ‘communication matters, and every single time we talk to a patient, it matters’ and we wholeheartedly support that approach. Communication leads to community, and community leads to a situation where everybody is treated as a human being.

Dr Granger helped to make this a better world by showing that although empathy costs nothing, it’s value is incalculable. And small empathetic acts like finding somebody a place to eat and socialise on Christmas Day might mean they then build friendships that bring continuing value to their lives.


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