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I would hate to be alone on Christmas day so I wouldn't want anyone else to be.

Just 20 days until Christmas and 10 more random acts of kindness!

This countdown has flown by, and we’re now only 20 days from Christmas!

Now is the time to ramp up your #100waysin100days to improve somebody’s life with a small act of kindness.

Here are our 10 latest ideas:

  • Do you get coupons through the post that you’re not going to use? Take them to the supermarket with you and leave by the product that they’re for.
  • Give your postman a Christmas card!
  • Help tidy up an older neighbour’s house or garden.
  • Buy something delicious for your local food bank, that you know someone will really enjoy.
  • Spend time with someone. This sounds incredibly simple, but spending an hour with an isolated and lonely person can cheer up their whole week.
  • Be an online fairy! We always hear about online trolls who go out of their way to make people’s live worse with negative comments. Do the opposite, and find positive things to say about people.
  • Donate your plastic bags. Some supermarkets will give you 5p for every bag you have. Empty out that bag cupboard and donate to your favourite charity (Community Christmas of course!).
  • Help keep someone warm. Buy one or two sleeping bags and leave them on benches where you know homeless people sleep.
  • Tell people you appreciate their help.
  • Take a neighbour to a supermarket and have coffee with them in the café afterwards.
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