No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be
Help us translate recognition into action

Help us translate recognition into action

pointsoflightWe are proud that the work of our founder Caroline Billington has been recognised by David Cameron – read more about why she is a Point of Light and the full story in the Sunday Express

Caroline hopes this award will inspire more communities to embrace their senior citizens. If every MP was able to identify to tell us where they would go in their constituency to make new friends on Christmas Day if they didn’t have friends and family we would have so much more to offer. Community Christmas still has a waiting list of older people looking for companionship and whilst we are not able to place people in family homes we would love to hear of pubs, café’s, assisted living locations, care homes, village halls where people are getting together and would make a new older face feel welcome on Christmas Day and in the future.

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