No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be
Guest blog – Laurie Cansfield, Marketing Manager at Doxdirect

Guest blog – Laurie Cansfield, Marketing Manager at Doxdirect

Christmas may seem like a distant memory now, but it’s sure to be a magical one for all those who attended a Community Christmas event in December.

Being the season of goodwill, Doxdirect decided to nominate a cause to support over the Christmas period. The team – and what a lovely team they are – nominated Community Christmas as their charity.

Doxdirect runs a special promotion for customers every December, which usually offers a discount on all printing and binding orders over the holidays. This time around, it was done a little differently. Customers still got their discount, and Doxdirect matched that discount as a donation to Community Christmas.

In total, 176 customers placed an order during the charity promotions, and Doxdirect was delighted to be able to present Community Christmas with 10% of the total revenue, to help in some way towards their vision of making every Christmas a happy one for all of their service users.

And while Christmas Day is the focus of the charity’s efforts, the work they do continues to have an effect all year round for many people. Doxdirect encourages its customers to find out more about Community Christmas, and hopes that many will get involved in 2018!

Guest blog provided by Laurie Cansfield, Marketing Manager at Doxdirect (email lauriec@doxdirect.com). www.doxdirect.com 


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  1. My family joined a Christmas day “feed the homeless” dinner a few years ago. It was the best Christmas we had. Serving those in need instead of gorging ourselves felt the right way to be doing things. I live near London and have sat with a few homeless people and always they are grateful that you take the time for them. I have left them with snacks and a warm touch. Non of them are there by choice – at least I haven’t found any.


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