No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be

Spread the word about Community Christmas

Share the message that no older person in the UK should be alone on Christmas Day unless they choose to be.

We need you to be our voice to help us reach people who would otherwise have to spend Christmas Day alone, despite wanting to be in company.


We have created a leaflet that we would encourage anyone and everyone to print and circulate anywhere and everywhere. Increasing awareness will help us identify more activities taking place on Christmas Day as well as ensuring older people, or those who care about them, can find out about them. Also feel free to use the information in the leaflet in any newsletters or local publications to help reduce the number of people alone this Christmas. Click to download the leaflet now (double sided A5).

Social Media

Please help us to reduce the number of older people alone this Christmas – follow us on twitter and share @communityxmas.

We also have a Facebook page where we particularly welcome information about events in your area.

Stir Up Sunday

Stir Up Sunday occurs on the last Sunday before Advent which will be 25th November 2018. Bringing people together in traditional way at a school, pub, or village hall to stir a pudding can lead to conversations about ‘what are you doing for Christmas?’ and ensure that everyone knows where they can go to share a Christmas pudding and companionship if they want it on Christmas Day.

Advent Calendar

During the countdown to Christmas we’ll be publishing stories that we think you’ll find interesting. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter  for regular updates, and watch this space to get in the Community Christmas spirit.

12 days of Christmas

We love the idea of using the period between Christmas and 6th January – the 12 days of Christmas – as a chance to think about how next Christmas can be better, and have outlined some of our ideas in our 12 days of Christmas video. If you have ideas for us to include and share during that period (or before) please let us know now.