No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be
Day three of our countdown to Christmas – Just £5 Can Help An Older Person Not To Be Alone This Christmas Time

Day three of our countdown to Christmas – Just £5 Can Help An Older Person Not To Be Alone This Christmas Time

Could you donate £5  to help us find a Christmas Day community event for a lonely older person to attend this year?

Christmas is a time of tradition. Whether you give and receive gifts before or after breakfast, have Turkey for lunch, always argue over the washing-up, toast the Queen or pull crackers and play games in the evening, one thing for most of us is for certain – you’re probably expecting to spend Christmas with somebody.

Imagine then if on Christmas Day, you’re on your own. Not only that but you’re unable to reach loved ones, or they’ve all passed away. Perhaps there aren’t any gifts, there’s certainly no one to pull a cracker with and cooking an entire Christmas lunch for one person feels pointless. You don’t feel festive. You feel isolated and forgotten.

By donating to Community Christmas at https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/communitychristmas/together-at-christmas/, you can help us match older people who do not wish to be alone on Christmas Day to events happening in their local area that they can attend. There, they will receive a warm welcome, something to eat, and the chance to spend time with others. For many, this might be the first time they have spoken in person to anyone for weeks or even months.

Tragically, half of older people (over 5 million) say that TV is their main source of company. Of course, no one should feel forgotten, isolated or that nobody cares about them, especially at a time of year synonymous with giving.

That’s why on the Community Christmas website we list Christmas Day events happening in locations across the country, and we run a phone line for older people to call if they can’t see an event nearby so that we can locate one for them.

No matter the time it takes we will call back anyone who gets in touch and needs somewhere to go on Christmas Day, but unfortunately at present it won’t always be with good news.

Your donation could change this.

Last year over 15,500 older people attended Christmas Day events listed on the Community Christmas website. Whilst we celebrate the fact that so many were able to enjoy Christmas with the company of others, we know there are hundreds of thousands more isolated older people who didnt.

We desperately want to reach them, but we need your help. Can you make a donation at https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/communitychristmas/together-at-christmas or fundraise for us at https://communitychristmas.org.uk/get-involved/fundraising/?

  • Just £2 helps us answer a phone call from an older person looking for a Christmas Day event to attend
  • £5 could help us match an older person to a local event they can attend on Christmas Day
  • £10 could help us support a new Christmas Day activity running for older people, where we provide advice to the organisers on everything from transport to promoting the event in the local area

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