No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be
Christmas wouldn’t be the same without you!

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without you!

Don’t be alone this Christmas, spend #ChristmasTogether by attending a Christmas Day event near you.

If you’re facing the prospect of Christmas by yourself this year whilst everyone else seems to have plans, I want you to know – you are not alone. Many people nowadays don’t know their neighbours, and families often live hundreds of miles apart, but this no longer has to stop you spending Christmas Day in company.

At Community Christmas we are on a mission to change this, and wholeheartedly invite you to spend #ChristmasTogether by attending a Christmas Day event near where you live (URL:https://communitychristmas.org.uk/map/). There are festive get togethers happening up and down the country, but we need you to come along so that no one unwillingly spends Christmas by themselves.

Of course, some people don’t want company, but for the majority being alone at Christmas will be down to circumstances rather than choice. The reasons for being alone are many and varied; perhaps you can’t travel as far as you used to be able to, family are busy with other plans, friends are now living too far away, or you have been bereaved. I founded Community Christmas for you and people just like you, so that you can easily locate festive events in your area on Christmas Day that have a friendly atmosphere and usually an enjoyable activity or two to boot.

Christmas Day events are also a brilliant way to make new acquaintances and even new friendships. A few years ago a local organizer received a letter from a lady who had been living on her own for 18 years and was unable to travel abroad as she once usually did at Christmas time. She attended an event at her local golf club and not only did she have a wonderful time despite being nervous about going, but she’s off to the same event this year!

I understand it can be nerve-wracking to go somewhere you’ve never been before and walk into a room of strangers. However, at the Christmas Day events listed on our website, transport is usually arranged for you and you’ll receive a warm welcome from the volunteers as well as fellow attendees. These events can involve anything from a traditional Christmas lunch (taking the hassle out of cooking turkey for one), or a mince pie and a cup of coffee, and might also include an activity such as watching the Queen’s speech, a Christmas film or taking part in a festive quiz.

Many people who go along to events tell me how, after some initial jitters, it was exciting to meet those who are from a similar generation to them and celebrate Christmas together.

I’m really impressed by just how many volunteers organise Christmas Day events for older people in their area. Christmas is truly a time when I believe many of us think of others and don’t wish anyone to be by themselves unwillingly. So please trust me when I say, if you are an older person who does not wish to be alone, these events are for you.

Search for events on this webpage (URL:https://communitychristmas.org.uk/map/) and enter your postcode to find your nearest event, or call us on 0800 063 9285. If there isn’t an event near you listed on our website but you would like help to find one, then please get in touch with us and we will do our upmost to locate one convenient for you.

Last year 15,500 people went to the Christmas Day events listed on our website in their local areas. This year, why don’t you become one of them and see if you enjoy it? Fun, festivities and refreshments are guaranteed, and you could make new friends and find out about other activities on throughout the year in your area too.

If you’re unsure about whether these events will be for you, then please contact us through the website or call us on 0800 063 9285 for a friendly chat.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and a healthy New Year.

Caroline Billington, Community Christmas Founder

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