No older person should be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be
Appeal for partners and organisers to run more activities

Appeal for partners and organisers to run more activities

3 months since Christmas 2014 and only 9 months to go until Christmas 2015. As we go through the year and talk to potential new partners it is always interesting to discover those that think March is already too late, those who will want to talk in June and those who are simply not interested until the autumn. We are of course happy to work with all of them and are already having conversations about funding, potential new venues, and help in delivering our services.

We have set some ambitious targets for this year and hope to encourage some pub/restaurant chains and residential homes to open their doors and specifically ensure those that book alone don’t eat alone. We are also looking at ways to kick start an initiative where more village and community halls open their doors on Christmas day perhaps to show a film, offer a cup of tea and piece of Christmas cake or even the chance to play some traditional board games. Thank goodness we still have 9 months to go and a chance for it all to fall into place.

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