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I ended up speaking to a nice lady who told me about a group doing Sunday teas and other things I could do during the year

10 days to Christmas

With just 10 days until Christmas Day, now is the best possible time to check in on your neighbour, meet your friends, and make sure the people in your community are not facing Christmas alone (unless they choose to)

Here are 10 more suggestions to make a big impact in the last few days before Christmas. Why not try and do at least one this week?

  1. Send your neighbours Christmas cards! It happens less often these days, but can really bring a smile to people’s faces.
  2. Tell cracker jokes to make someone smile.
  3. Donate a Christmas pudding to your local foodbank.
  4. Donate pet supplies to the local animal shelter.
  5. Help someone put up their Christmas decorations.
  6. Leave books you’ve already read in a covered plastic box outside of your house with a ‘take me’ sign on them.
  7. Pop round to a neighbours with a mince pie.
  8. Get two biscuits at your local coffee shop and give one to another customer.
  9. Put money in the Salvation Army bucket.
  10. Feed the birds in your garden.

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