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I would hate to be alone on Christmas day so I wouldn't want anyone else to be.

Day 21 of the Community Christmas Advent Calendar – Taking action and improving lives

We wanted to share this lovely story we heard from one of our kind Community Christmas advocates.

We were contacted by a lovely man who wanted to start planning an event for next year. He had wanted to take part this year, but was concerned that it was too late. We provided information, but also suggested that he dropped leaflets in to his neighbours this year so that he could find out if any of them were likely to be spending it alone. As a result, he will now be visiting four older people with soup and mince pies, bringing light and company to their Christmas Days.

This sort of action exemplifies exactly what we’re aiming for with Community Christmas. When we bring people together who want to make a difference, they can and do. With a nudge in the right direction at least four Christmases have been improved and four new friendships made. These may last well beyond Christmas.

If you’re in the same situation as this man, why not act? You never know how easy stop people feeling isolated on Christmas Day.

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