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For years I said I would like to invite those that were going to spend it on their own, so a friend encouraged me to do it rather than just talk about it.

80 days to Christmas

Box of clothes for donation.

Donate old clothes.

We’re down to just 80 days until the 25th of December, and find ourselves asking ‘where does the time go’? Here are ten more tips on brightening someone’s day as part of our #100waysin100days campaign.

  1. Ask someone about how they are and encourage a real response, rather than just ‘I’m fine’.
  2. Drop a meal over to people who have just moved into your street.
  3. Say hello to a stranger.
  4. Each time you buy new clothes, donate an old piece of clothing.
  5. Ask an older neighbour or friend if they fancy getting out for a walk.
  6. Write to somebody who has made a positive difference to your life.
  7. If you get a ‘buy one get one free’ deal, why not give the spare to a neighbour?
  8. Compliment someone to their boss if they’re doing a good job.
  9. Pop a piece of paper in your window telling passer-by’s to ‘have a nice day’.
  10. Talk to the shy person who is sitting by themselves at a work event or party.

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