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Christmas Day used to be such a sad, miserable time for me. Now, I could smile all day and enjoy other people’s company

60 days to Christmas

Less than two months to go until Christmas Day! Have you started your planning, or are you intending to get involved with an event that’s listed on the Community Christmas website?

Waiters carrying trays.

Carry someone’s tray in a cafeteria.

Either way, don’t forget to keep up with your #100waysin100days to brighten up somebody’s life, even if it’s just in a small way.

Here are our latest 10 ideas, and we’d still love you to share yours on our Facebook and Twitter Channels.

  1. If you’ve got a poorly neighbour, drop round a loaf of bread and a pint of milk.
  2. If you see someone from your street standing a bus stop, and you’re driving, offer them a ride home.
  3. If you are throwing rubbish away in the street, pick up any bits of little next to the bin as well.
  4. If you work on an allotment, but have too much veg to eat yourself, leave the rest in a box outside your hour for anyone to take.
  5. Make plans to play board games with people in nursing homes.
  6. Relay a compliment about somebody that you’ve overheard.
  7. Carry an older person’s tray to the table for them in a café.
  8. Leave a positive post-it note in a friend’s bathroom or kitchen cupboard.
  9. If you see that someone is struggling via their social media posts, drop them a message and offer your support.
  10. Reach for the higher shelves for someone in a supermarket.
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