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30 days to Christmas!

Just one month to go until Christmas Day, can you believe it? Whilst we’d love you to support us (find out more here), we also know that the rest of the world needs a bit of brightening up as well. Here are 10 ideas for improving somebody’s day with a small act of kindness.

  1. Drop some Christmas treats off at your local police station.
  2. Leave a candy cane on the handle of 5 car doors in your work car park.
  3. Take some dog or cat food to your nearest animal shelter.
  4. Smile at EVERYBODY you see for a whole day.
  5. Pop into an elderly care home and talk through someone’s worries with them.
  6. Send a letter to someone you care about, just to tell them you care about them.
  7. Leave milk out for the hedgehogs in your garden.
  8. Recycle your ink cartridges.
  9. When people are talking negatively about someone, highlight a positive.
  10. Loan a tiny amount to someone overseas so that they can set up a business through a website like Lend With Care.

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